How it works

  1. Contact Us
    One of our repersentatives will visit you in order to understand the issues your facing and discuss our professional parking servies in more depth.
  2. Signage
    We'll install signage for you at your site in prominent locations, fully compliant with BPA/AOS guidlines. (Unlike our competitors we don't expect our clients to be climbing ladders)
  3. You Photograph Offending Vehicles
    Using either your smart phone, or camera supplied by G24
  4. Upload images to G24
    You can either use your PC or if your really tech savy your smart phone
  5. Leave the rest to us
    G24 will issue a PCN by post, no need to do anything else

Our Innovative Smart Park Service

Welcome to G24 Smart Park Service, the latest online facility designed for solving parking problems on private property.

This service was developed as alternative means to wheel clamping. It is a simple, non-confrontational response to your parking problems. G24 Self Ticketing Service allows you to issue an on-the-spot parking charge to a vehicle that is parked in violation of your parking terms and conditions, by simply taking a photograph. We take care of everything else.

The beauty of the G24 Self Ticketing System is the speed in which an offence can be reported and actioned. Once a photo has been uploaded a parking charge notice is sent automatically by post to the vehicle’s registered owner. If you issue a parking charge notice you later wish to cancel, our helpful in-house customer service team are there to help.

You decide your parking terms and conditions, you decide when you wish to enforce. Your car park in your control.